El Palauet de la Muralla

Accessing the house through the main entrance, visitors will find a large hall, in which highlight the stone labs covering the floor and the monastic set of chairs. The first flight of stairs leads to a spacious room. If we continue up, now for a covered courtyard, you reach the first floor, where the main bedrooms of the house.

We proceeded to a careful restoration of the house with furniture and items acquired from antiquarian or ruined churches of the region, thus avoiding their disappearance.

In the basement, of Jewish origin as indicated by water pipes, there is the wine cellar, with two wells that were used for the conservation of oil and other products of the land, and the stable. There is also a corridor, currently boarded up, which connected with the church of Sant Josep. On the back of the house stands the courtyard, enclosed by thick stone walls of the building and by the wall, through which you reach the outer area of the river, known as Lo Portalet.

Painted ceilings, frames and coffered ceilings have been recovered because of the intervention of master craftsmen as the carpenter Ton Camarasa and the painter Àngel Soldevila. Mosaics and wooden floors originating have been preserved in the different rooms. Noteworthy, the room with a murano mirror, the dining room with its solid wood fireplace, or the library with over a thousand volumes, many of them bound in parchment, coming from the Franciscan monastery of Sant Domènec and the convent Avellanes.

Characteristics of El Palauet de la Muralla

El Palauet is a tourist accommodation for up to nine guests in four bedrooms, three double and one triple, all with private bathroom. The best experience is to spend at least two nights at El Palauet in order to go with the years of history, with different periods, and with the art and antiques hanging from the walls.

  • If you are the only guests, you can use the kitchen to make your lunch or dinner, which can also be ordered.
  • You can enjoy the library, consisting of ancient books, which come mostly from the convent Avellanes and that were miraculously saved from burning by the Franciscans during the Spanish civil war.
  • The terrace overlooking the river Segre is a very pleasant space, in which you can have breakfast, a snack or enjoy the best company.
  • Be sure to visit the basement and the courtyard of the wall, next to the car park in which can fit two cars.

Organize meetings and events

The large areas and enclosures of the ground floor, basement and courtyard wall allow organizing all kind of meetings and events with large capacity. Birthdays, dinners, exhibitions and conferences have been celebrated because the house offers a wide range of possibilities. You can also organize events in the rooms and terrace of the main floor, achieving a unique and memorable environment.

Let your memories, feelings and hopes.

Enjoy El Palauet, you feel transported to another time!

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