More than an accommodation, El Palauet is a real medieval and romantic experience.

El Palauet de la Muralla is a stately mansion in the old town of Balaguer (Lleida), in the old Jewish quarter. Located near the square Mercadal, its main neoclassical facade fronts Miracle Street, and the rear facade turns to the river Segre, sharing the passage round on the wall with the neighbouring houses.

The house, which originally was a leather tannery and during the last century it was a convent and a school of nuns, retains its structure and distribution of a noble residence. Painted ceilings, frames and coffered ceilings have been recovered, as well as mosaics and wooden floors of the different rooms, which are decorated with antique furniture.

Around El Palauet you can visit parks, wine cellars, churches, cloisters and many interesting places in the region of Noguera. You can also enjoy various activities such as nature walks, canoeing, paragliding or to gaze at the stars.

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What to do

A privileged environment where lost

El congost de Mont Rebei

Ruta a través d’un dels indrets més impresionants de la geografia catalana, a les portes dels Pirineus.

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El barri jueu de Balaguer

A tocar de la plaça del Mercadal, es troba l’antic barri jueu de Balaguer, on es varen assentar el jueus l’any 1333.

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El Tren dels Llacs

Una bona opció per conèixer la província de Lleida, un tren turístic que té una versió de tren històric.

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